*Limited-Edition* Purple Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags – 6 Pack


  • Freezer-safe
  • 100% food-safe PEVA material (biodegradeable, no silicone, no plastic, no PVC, no chloride, and BPA-free
  • Air-tight seal that is leak-proof and sturdy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Measurements: 10 1/2 in. (tall) x 11 in. (wide)

These limited-edition purple freezer bags are perfect for organizing meals in your freezer (purple for chicken, clear for beef, etc.)!

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Why reusable freezer bags?

The idea for reusable freezer bags came about when I was making a bunch of slow cooker freezer meals at once in disposable freezer bags.

People kept asking me, “Is there a reusable option? Is there anything that can store these meals that can be used again and again?”

I spent hundreds of dollars buying reusable food-safe bags that I found online and tested them myself.

Unfortunately, they were difficult to clean, hard to close, and some of them leaked! They were too expensive and I had to modify my recipes because the bags were too small!

That just wasn’t good enough.

"The perfect reusable bags for our style of freezer meals."

Your bags are the BEST! I just used them for the first time and they fill easily, close easily, they are easy to clean! I used a china marker to write on the outside and that came off just with a little elbow grease. I was so pleased! One way to make less waste! ❤️

@carriek333via Instagram

Got yours and compared to my others, yours definitely get A+! They are so much easier to close with my carpal tunnel hands!

@prnski.partyof4via Instagram

Love your freezer bags!! ❤️ I had to go to the motor vehicle dept yesterday so I grabbed one of your gallon bags to put all of my paperwork into. 🙌

@talladega3011via Instagram

I've purchased several and love them!! I even use them when dividing my bulk meats. Thanks!

@lichemcvia Instagram

These bags and stands are AMAZING! I bought them a few weeks ago and used them last night and today to make 9 freezer meals for my family! They held up perfectly, no spills and were super sturdy and the bags are super easy to close and made very well!

@jannelle_knappvia Instagram

Love these bags!

@m80krabstervia Instagram

I realized I needed to create the perfect reusable bags for our style of freezer meals.

After months of back-and-forth and testing, I finally have reusable bags that function exactly like disposable freezer bags!!

The BPA-FREE PEVA material is comparable to disposable freezer bags in its flexibility and strength. They are a true gallon size, so no modifying recipes. They are even easy to clean!

Not only are these reusable freezer bags good for the environment, but they don’t stick together in your freezer. They don’t leak when thawing in your refrigerator. They are really sturdy and really affordable!

Product Description

  • Each purchase includes 6 bags that are 1 gallon each
  • All bags are purple with a purple seal
  • Bags are made from food-safe, high quality PEVA material
  • Hand wash only in hot, soapy water and air dry
  • Special features: leak-resistant and freezer-safe

20% of every sale will be donated to 412 Food Rescue, a non-profit who serves people experiencing food insecurity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are these bags?

Great question! Each purchase includes six reusable freezer bags that are similar in size to gallon-sized plastic zipper bags. They are the perfect size for freezer meals with 4-8 servings.

Are they easy to clean?

Absolutely! Each bag can be cleaned in 60 seconds or less. Simply turn inside-out and wash with hot, soapy water. Air dry.

Do the bags smell?

The bags are NOT made from plastic and, therefore, do not have a plastic-type smell. Simply wash and dry inside-out between uses to avoid any type of lingering food smell.

Do the bags stain?

These purple-colored bags are much less likely to stain than our clear reusable freezer bags!

Where are the bags manufactured?

After thorough research and testing bags from several manufacturers, we settled on a manufacturer in China to produce our bags. (We actually couldn't find anyone in the U.S. to make them.)

What is your refund policy?

We know you are going to love our bags and want to keep them! Therefore, all sales are final. The bags are shipped from a warehouse in California so we are not able to accept returns at this time. If you receive a bag with a manufacturing defect (such as a broken seal), please email us so we can consider replacements on a case-by-case basis.

Do the bags affect the taste of the freezer meals?

I understand your concern so I purchased several sets of bags to test myself over the past year. I am happy to report that they do not affect the taste of cooked freezer meals. In fact, they might actually make them taste better because I'm so happy that I'm saving the environment when I'm using them!

How do you recommend labeling these bags?

You have lots of options! I typically labels my bags with water-resistant Avery stickers (#22827). You can also print labels on regular computer paper and attach to bags with clear shipping tape. Lastly, grease pencils (sometimes labeled as "China markers") work well too.