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Tangy Tomato Pot Roast

Tangy Tomato Pot Roast
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Serve with salad and fresh bread.
Yields:6 servings

To Freeze and Cook Later

  1. Label your freezer bag with the name of the recipe, cooking instructions, and “use-by” date (3 months from when you prepped the meal).
  2. Add all ingredients to your freezer bag.
  3. Remove as much air as possible, seal, and freeze.

To Cook in Crockpot 

  1. Cook on "low" setting for 6-8 hours or until beef is tender.
  2. Shred beef and serve.

To Cook in Instant Pot 

  1. Add frozen meal to Instant Pot and sauté 5 minutes to release some liquid.
  2. Flip over.
  3. Add ½ cup beef broth or water.
  4. Pressure cook (low pressure) for 60 minutes. Natural Release.
  5. Shred beef.


  • sally papin says:

    The most delicious. Didn’t change a thing. I had with salad and served baked potato with it for Hubs and used juices on the potato. He loved it! I wonder if you could do meatloaf like this!!! Made one and froze one.

  • Cindy McEwen says:

    Absolutely loved the taste of this roast. I did it in my husband’s pressure cooker and burnt it a bit, but it was delicious and definitely going on my list

  • Cheryl Ingham says:

    Loved this meal!!! I live above 6000 feet, and decided to put in my Instant Pot for 70 minutes at high. So, so tasty and tender! Served over egg noodles. This will make the regular rotation for sure.

  • Monique Broz says:

    Not sure 60 minutes on low pressure from the freezer is the best for this. I just opened my Instant Pot and the meat isn’t cooked all the way. I’ve put it back in for about 5 more minutes on high pressure. I’ve never cooked with low pressure before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Looking forward to tasting it. 🙂 You are a lifesaver!

  • Toni Holman says:

    We tried this one with your free recipes class. This is one of our favorites. So simple to make and very tasty. Paired with mashed potatoes once. I think we could have pulled the meat and thickened the sauce to make a fabulous gravy, but I didn’t have a thickening agent. LOL

  • Robin Guay says:

    I have just joined this group and a beginner with the Instant Pot. I am assuming that after you sauté the meat and put the beef broth in, you add the additional ingredients before cooking the meat? I know this is a silly question, but just learning the InstaPot!

  • Cindy Francis says:

    Brand new here. Can I split the ingredients into two bags to make separate meals? That’s kinda what attracted me from the things I had seen. Also, should it always be the veggies on the bottom, spices/sauces in the middle, and meat on top? Thanks for your help!

    • Monique Broz says:

      I split mine into 2 bags and cooked on Hi pressure for about an hour. So good. And I think Kelly adds her meat to the bag last so that it can be refrigerated until time to add. With most things you can add your ingredients in any order to the Instant Pot or Crockpot.

  • Merlyn McGowan says:

    Since this is for 2 older individuals, and recipe serves 6, could I split into 2 Quart Freezer bags? They’d just need to monitor time since there’s less in the pot.

  • Mary Moran says:

    I loved this and made it using the instapot! It was super easy and delicious. Thank you!

  • Suzanne Buckspan says:

    This is my new favorite thing to do with pot roast – served over baked potatoes with all of that lovely olive flavored au jus and some roasted broccoli.

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